• Closed for bookings 2019

Closed for bookings 2019


Do I want a film?

Commissioning a film is no different to a painting - a unique insight into your wedding day, your story told from a filmmaker’s perspective. I’ll happily send you some links to finished works, or if you have something different in mind contact me and we can talk.

Where are you based?

I work from home with the help of my wife Lynsey. We are based in Aldridge which lies within the Walsall - Sutton Coldfield - Lichfield triangle. We have a dedicated edit suite equipped with all that is necessary to produce a high quality product from start to finish.

How do you license music for use on the internet?

For any film that is to be uploaded for public viewing online, we use production music with a specific licence for internet use, this cost is all included in the price. Over recent years the number of artists contributing to the pool of production music has increased greatly and the choice and quality is much improved. For private films via licensed digital download (inc. discs), industry copyright is not a problem for popular music and the choice is endless.

How much time will you spend filming on the day?

I spend as much time as it takes to capture your whole day from start to finish. I will include preparations, guests arriving, the full ceremony and on through photos, speeches and past the first dance. I don’t like to set a time limit but a 13 hour day with travel is not a problem. My main concern is having enough footage to tell your story well when your day is over.

Can we meet before we commit to a firm booking?

Yes of course, no one wants a stranger at their wedding. We can meet to discuss your expectations, talk about your wedding day plans and see if I am what you are looking for. Heavy selling is not my style, we both need to feel comfortable and the last thing I want to do is distract you from your big day celebrations.

Can you do photos as well?

A popular question, I don’t believe you can do both well. I focus on filming work because that is where my passion lies. Not many photographers would take on both roles either without the added cost of additional people and different equipment.

Can we choose the music that goes in our Feature Film?

Your choice is always better than a surprise so yes. But some couples actually like surprises so if you want me to make a selection based on the mood of your day, that would be a pleasure too, I just want you to be happy with your final film. Online edits have to use licensed production music on the web.

Can we approve our film?

Yes… I upload all the edits for your private viewing so that you can approve them, only then will they be released for download. Full ceremony and speeches are merely a replay of events as they happened on the day and seldom require any changes.

Is there a problem if we also book a photographer?

Not at all, we will work together to get you the best memories of your day. I film in a very discreet manner and try to keep out of everyones way where possible.

What is your filming style?

I find I get the best footage if I am as discrete as possible, when people feel at ease, that’s what makes good viewing. I use small compact SLR style cameras that are not in your face but that doesn’t mean there is any compromise on production quality.

Can you guarantee your work?

Yes, check out our brief Terms & Conditions for full refund guarantee info. The T+Cs also address copyright issues with music and performers who may be playing at either of your venues. There is always a solution to a problem should it arise.

How do we book?

We have a dedicated website for bookings, we will send you the link details in due course. All we need is a £100 deposit and your venue / personal details through the dedicated booking site. The remaining balance is due up to 14 days before your big day.

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