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I have a long running fascination with visual arts and technology, Lynsey my wife is a creative and hard working primary school teacher. Two separate worlds but together we work well. Lynsey has helped me appreciate all things wonderful and I owe her a great deal, she pushed us to where we are now.


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My spiritual home is in the south-west of Cornwall, the homeland of my ancestors. I was lucky enough to spend my teenage years amongst the fishing boats in St. Ives and walking along the Hayle estuary where the renowned artist John Miller lived and painted his epic seascapes. During those years I met many artistic folk and they created a long lasting impression. We return as often as time allows.

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What started out as pleasurable hobby has now become full time production. Those days of editing in the corner of the kitchen on a bar stool are long gone. We now have a purpose built editing suite that is both functional and comfortable, the only thing missing is the espresso machine. After years of working around technology, I finally get to make it work for me.

our wedding day

You spend months planning it, the weather is perfect, your family and guests are all smiling and happy - and then it’s all over in a heart beat. Days later friends are telling you it was a fairy tale wedding ……and we thought we were the only ones who felt that way.
I am so grateful to my brother-in-law Neil who, together with his girlfriend filmed the whole day for us on my own camera. Now we get to keep our own forever film (photos too of course) and it gets even better the older we become, though we sadly lose cast members along the way.

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your wedding day