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Build your own // step 2 - Edit

  • Build your own // step 2 - Edit
Social Media Short Film 3-5 mins produced with a web licensed soundtrack for digital delivery on the web to share with friends and family on social media etc containing all the key moments of your day.
Documentary Film 45-110 mins A complete sequential record of your day including the full ceremony and speeches captured from multiple angles, along with all the other key moments throughout the day - photo shoots, cake cutting, first dance etc, the only limitation is the total amount of filming hours available in “step 1”. The length of this edit varies between 45-110 minutes depending on your day’s proceedings, delivered via your media choice.
Highlights Film 20-25 mins A detailed edit of your day with a music soundtrack (you get to choose the tracks) with extended edit time and attention to detail. It will cover the day from start to finish, including moments from the ceremony and speeches, but more importantly it will engage your audience in the same way as the shorter online versions.
Cinematic Highlights Film 20-25 mins As above but delivered in cinematic widescreen 2.39:1 with meticulous attention to emphasise visual appeal.
Full Ceremony + Speeches Complete films from start to finish captured using multiple camera angles.
Highlights Film Trailer 3-5 mins A short film complied from your highlights film for sharing online and on Social Media.
Documentary Film Trailer 3-5 mins A short film complied from your documentary edit for sharing online and on Social Media.
Editing facilities
A dedicated editing suite used to compile your film and deliver it in the highest quality onto your media of choice. A dual monitor Apple iMac with Final Cut Pro X and high quality audio equipment are used to maximise professional results.

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Documentary Film


Highlights Film


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Full Speeches Film


Highlights Film Trailer


Documentary Film Trailer